Panoramic view of various New York City building facades showcasing diverse architectural styles

Bringing NYC Construction into Perspective

For over two decades, Jepol Construction Inc. has been a trusted general contractor, aiding property owners in preserving the evolving aesthetic and functionality of New York City's skyline. As a fully licensed and insured provider, we specialize in exterior building restoration, interior renovations, roofing and waterproofing, masonry work, custom woodworks, and suspended scaffolding. We strive to deliver on our commitments, fostering lasting relationships built on the bedrock of trust and quality service.

Committed to Excellence

Where industry insight and construction expertise meet

Since 2000, Jepol Construction has been a leading figure in the restoration and general construction business within New York City. Our longevity in the industry is no coincidence. We've consistently exceeded client expectations while building long-lasting relationships grounded in trust and premium service. Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and their satisfaction is our primary goal. If you seek top-tier treatment for your construction projects, Jepol Construction is your go-to provider.

Comprehensive Construction Management

By employing industry-leading crafters and collaborating with specialists, we provide all-encompassing management of construction projects. This ranges from initial assessments to installations, finishings, and everything in-between. Whether it's roofing, masonry, or custom woodwork, we've got you covered.

Prioritizing Safety in Construction

At Jepol Construction, safety is our top priority. We adhere to the 5 Ps - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Our crews are thoroughly trained and coordinated for the job at hand, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment whether it's for exterior building restoration or interior renovations.

~ Construction Services ~

Premier Exterior Building Restoration in NYC

At Jepol Construction, our expert technicians specialize in comprehensive exterior building restoration services for both commercial and residential properties in New York City. We employ industry-leading techniques and materials to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your building. Our warranties underscore our commitment to excellence and longevity, guaranteeing that your property will retain its restored beauty for years to come.

Comprehensive Interior Renovation Services in NYC

Jepol Construction offers a wide range of interior renovation services, transforming spaces from penthouses to basements across New York City. Our renovations encompass a variety of works including complete gut renovations, repair of leaks, cracks and blemishes, total space remodeling, structural interior rebuilds, and detailed finishing touches. Trust us to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your interiors, making them functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable for the long term.

Expert Roofing and Waterproofing Services in NYC

Protecting your building from the elements is both a delicate and essential process. At Jepol Construction, we specialize in advanced roofing and waterproofing techniques such as torch-down and cold fluid-applied methods. We're licensed with leading roofing application systems including Soprema, Kemper, SIKA, and Siplast, ensuring your building receives the highest quality protection. Trust us to secure your structure against weather damage, ensuring its longevity and durability.

Professional Masonry Services in NYC

Masonry is at the heart of what we do at Jepol Construction. Whether it's crafting new structures like fireplaces and elevator shafts, or precision work in paving, concrete sidewalks, and tuck-pointing, our skilled crew brings years of experience to every project. We take pride in delivering high-quality, durable construction that meets your needs and enhances your property's value.

Expert Custom Woodwork Services in NYC

Discover the transformative power of expertly crafted woodwork. At Jepol Construction, we go beyond merely reframing floor plans — our skilled mill-workers specialize in creating bespoke pieces designed to elevate your space. As a licensed and insured general contractor in NYC, we guarantee superior quality, safety, and satisfaction in our custom woodworking services. Step into a space that truly feels like home, complete with elegant finishing touches meticulously fashioned to match your style and requirements.

Professional Scaffolding Services in NYC

Take your construction projects to new heights with our professional suspended scaffolding services in NYC. Leveraging our special rigger license, we offer adjustable platforms, ranging from 18 to 40 feet, providing non-intrusive, cost-effective access to your building's exterior. Our licensed and insured services enable us to scale any building in New York City, offering unparalleled advantages for your construction or restoration projects. Experience the Jepol Construction difference, where safety, efficiency, and superior service come together.

Industrial Rope Access Services in NYC

Elevate your building maintenance with Jepol Construction's Industrial Rope Access services, a pioneering solution in New York City for efficient and non-intrusive building management. Our certified technicians are adept at scaling any structure, providing swift and safe access for inspections, repairs, and maintenance works. We specialize in reaching challenging spots without the need for bulky scaffolding or heavy machinery, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.